Encouraging Life Seminar

by Todd Elder at Exploring Creation

This seminar is based on a creationist view of Scripture, science, and society which is summarized in the book 'An Introduction to Elder's Model of Creation'. 'Encouraging Life' explores reality and the meaning of life by examining what is beneficial and harmful to life, gives peace, and promotes a closer relationship with the Creator.

Seminar Overview

Living Life

Living Life explores the great questions of life and those things which build up and encourage life rather than destroy it. It includes considering what life is about, how to enjoy creation, and personal testimony.

Social Creationism

The social aspects of Creationism explore the great questions of life and how the answers to these questions impact society. It includes the topics of naturalism in philosophy, secularism in science, and evolution theory due to their large impact in the world and their contrast to Creationism. It also includes philosophical discussions regarding pain, pleasure, morality, and religion in general.

Scientific Creationism

Scientific Creationism explores the physical aspects of creation through the study and methodology of Science. The physical sciences study non-living matter through physics, chemistry, and astronomy. The earth sciences explore the planet Earth through meteorology, geology, and hydrology. The biological sciences explore botany, zoology, and anthropology. As a scientific study, theories of Creationism make predictive models and hypotheses of the physical world and universe based on the concepts of a special creation. Experiments and research are then conducted to see if these predictions are found to be true. Often, this research involves exactly the same information and experimental data as collected by evolutionists, however, the interpretation of the data is often found to support Creationism much better than the Theory of Evolution.

Scriptural Creationism

Scriptural Creationism explores the spiritual aspects of creation. This begins with understanding proper worship of the Creator and study techniques for Scripture. This is followed by exploring the original creation including the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Then we study how mankind relates with the Creator through the covenant relationship and the judgment that follows sinful actions. Next it explores the salvation and redemption offered through the Messiah and mankind's future in prophecy. Finally it explores the battle of evil with righteousness with an emphasis on manmade traditions.